• La bonne Vie Cakes (4)

    La bonne Vie Cakes
    Our Cakes are Exclusive, Luxurious whimsical creations that are made from the best and freshest ingredients, that not only impress the eye but capture the taste buds too.
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  • Mini Pastry (3)

    Mini Pastry
    For your receptions and events, we present to you an exciting selection of La Bonne Vie extra ordinary cakes in miniature version.
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  • Cakes In a Jar (7)

    Cakes In a Jar
    A French classic delicacy, adored by all, perfect for all occasions. Simple, elegant, and definitely truly delightful.
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  • Cream Brulee (2)

    Cream Brulee
    The Combinations in this traditional French sweet do not compete, but complete and melt into each other for a very unique taste experience.
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  • Rice Pudding (5)

    Rice Pudding
    Indulge and pick from a wide range of rich, creamy and alluring puddings generously garnished with fruits.
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  • Chocolate & Truffles (3)

    Chocolate & Truffles
    Available individually or as an assorted gift box, the lovely Chocolates and Truffles are a perfect any-day, any-time delicacy for all you chocolate lovers.
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